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Chinook Farms is a 132 acre Community Supported certified organic farm located on Elliott Road south of Snohomish about 1.5 miles east of Highway 9, in the Cathcart area. If you know where Bob’s Corn is located, we are next door in the very fertile river valley.

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We offer a 21 week farm-share program with farm site pick-up. Chinook Farms grows a diversity of mixed vegetables and seasonal fruits for our farm-share produce boxes. We also raise grass fed beef and pastured poultry, and are adding some new animals to our farm in 2013. There are a limited number of shares available so sign up early to reserve your fresh weekly produce box, and receive a price discount. Click on Join Farm-Share Program tab to sign up for a bounty of fresh, weekly vegetables and build a lasting relationship with your food provider. Farm-Share members have first priority of the grass-fed beef, pastured poultry. They also have the opportunity to harvest herbs and flowers while visiting the farm.

We are a certified organic farm and follow all guidelines that the Washington State Department of Agriculture and the National Organic Standard has designated for organic farming. Our organic certification guides our sustainable farming practices to limit external inputs, and work in harmony with the natural environment.

Our mission is to develop and maintain a healthy food system through sustainable farming practices that benefits the local ecosystems, people, and economy. Our Community Supported Farm establishes a greater awareness of our interdependence among food, Earth’s resources, and the surrounding community.

"Soil fertility is the basis of the public health system of the future and of the efficiency of our greatest possession -- ourselves."
~ Sir Albert Howard

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Greetings from your local growers at Chinook Farms! We had a great 2013 season and are gearing up for an even better 2014.We appreciate all of the support we have received from the members of our wonderful community! Check back early in the year for updates on how to join our CSA and to buy ethically raised meat directly from your local farmers. Please contact info@chinookfarms.com for additional information. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook! We post new photos and updates regularly.--

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